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What Are Radiant Floor Heating Systems?

There are two main kinds of radiant floor heating systems-- Hydronic and Electric-- and which one is right for you depends on your needs, your budget, and your home.

  • Hydronic Radiant Floors: These are the most popular heated flooring systems. The hydronic method uses pumps to push heated water from a boiler through tubes under the floor, much like a radiator.
  • Electric Floor Heating: This type of radiant heating involves installing a mat with electric cables above the subfloor. It offers a generally more affordable installation and heats floors instantly, but is not recommended for larger areas, as the cost of electricity can add up.

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Benefits of Radiant Heat Installation

For most Boulder homeowners, radiant heat isn’t on their radar as an option to heat their homes. Still, they’re becoming more popular because of their efficiency and lower carbon footprint than other options.

The greatest benefit of a heated floor is that it supplies heat directly to floor panels, making it more efficient than forced-air units or baseboard heaters.

Another benefit to a radiant heat system is that these systems don’t require ductwork like conventional forced air furnaces or heaters. Most heaters and furnaces lose some of their efficiency through leaks in the ducts, so the radiant system gives you more heat for your money.

Also, unlike forced-air systems, radiant heat doesn’t spread allergens throughout the house as can happen with a furnace or electric heater.

Radiant heating isn’t right for every application, so contact one of your local radiant heat contractors for more information.

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In-Floor Heating Repair

While many people like in-floor heating systems because they are more reliable and have less moving parts than forced-air systems, they’re not free from problems. Here are the most common issues you might run into if you opt for installing an in-floor heating system.

The most common problem is improperly installed floors. Because they’re not as ubiquitous as furnaces or baseboard heaters, many contractors don’t put in adequate tubing or fail to install the tubing correctly, which means you don’t get the heat you desire.

Another common problem is if the aquastat fails, which causes the boiler temperature to fall. Also, if a water-based system leaks, it can cause damage to your floor.

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