Boulder Gas Log Fireplace Installation & Repair

Improve your home’s comfort and beauty with a gas log fireplace from Canyon Plumbing & Heating.

Are you looking for better ways to stay cozy during those long Colorado winters? Consider getting a gas log fireplace. Compared to traditional wood fireplaces, gas log fireplaces are safer and easier to use. The right gas log fireplace can also elevate your interior’s aesthetics.

At Canyon Plumbing & Heating, we offer gas fireplace installation, repair, and maintenance services to homeowners all over Boulder, CO. Contact us for solutions tailored to fit your budget and heating needs.

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Why Install a Gas Log Fireplace?

If you own a wood fireplace but can no longer bear the hassles of using one, consider upgrading to a gas log fireplace. Gas fireplaces are better because they:

  • Start and adjust flames with the push of a button.
  • No need to buy, chop, or store firewood.
  • No worries about stray embers starting a fire.

If you have a wood fireplace, we can convert it into a gas-powered system. We also install gas fireplaces from scratch after getting the necessary building permits. We have various gas fireplace design options. You can pick one that best fits your interior décor preferences.

Contact us today to get started with the installation process.

Reliable Gas Log Fireplace Repair Services in Boulder

If you notice any of the following or other gas fireplace issues, contact us to diagnose and repair the problem:

  • Rotten egg odor: The smell indicates you have a gas leak. Stop using your fireplace until we identify the leak and fix it.
  • Trouble starting a fire: It may be due to a gas supply disruption or damaged components.
  • Uneven or yellow flames: Dirty burners, poor ventilation, and broken components are usually to blame for unsteady flames.
  • Excessive soot: Gas fireplaces generate less soot than wood fireplaces. If your unit starts generating more smoke than usual, we can rectify it.

When you call us for repairs, we arrive on-time and complete your job with no mess left behind.

Let us pair your fireplace with an air cleaner or purifier that ensures optimal indoor air quality.

Annual Gas Fireplace Maintenance

Like every other gas appliance, your fireplace needs regular servicing to prevent sudden breakdowns and other issues. Choosing us for maintenance services will also keep your fireplace energy-efficient and extend its lifespan.

We recommend having our experts service your fireplace at least once a year. During the tune-up, we will:

  • Clean dust, carbon, and lint build-up from the fireplace glass, burner, logs, and controls.
  • Detect and repair gas leaks.
  • Check gaskets for proper sealing.
  • Inspect and adjust the pilot flame for maximum fuel efficiency.
  • Clean the grilles, louvers, and hot air vents.
  • Examine and clear the chimney and venting system.

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