Boulder Heater Repair

When you need fast, reliable heater repair services in Boulder, CO, you can count on us.

There’s nothing more frustrating than your heater giving out in the dead of winter—especially with how cold it gets here in Boulder, CO. Our team of experienced HVAC contractors at Canyon Plumbing & Heating is standing ready to help you restore your heater fast and efficiently.

Our NATE-certified team provides high-quality heating maintenance and repair solutions designed to suit a wide range of budgets. We also offer upfront, fair pricing so that you always know what to expect and are committed to offering clean and courteous service.

Finding yourself calling for professional heating system repair a bit too often? It might be time to consider heater replacement.

Common Signs You Need Central Heating Repair

Not all heater problems are as obvious as no heat. By calling us at the first sign of a problem, you can avoid more costly repairs and a lot of inconvenience. Here are a few signs that may indicate you need heating maintenance or repair:

  • Poor airflow: May indicate an issue with dirty air ducts, filters, damaged ducts, or blocked damper valves.
  • High heating bills: Could indicate a loss of efficiency due to faulty components.
  • Reduced indoor air quality: Could be due to a dirty filter, ducts, or system damage.
  • Unusual sounds: Could indicate a problem with the ignition, loose bearings, belt, or unsecured ductwork.

If you experience any of the above symptoms with your heating system, give us a call for professional and reliable heating services.

Heating System Troubleshooting

The best way to prevent major heating system problems is to catch them while they're small. That's why we offer comprehensive heating troubleshooting and inspection services. Before beginning any heater repair, we check the:

  • Heat exchanger for damage or corrosion
  • Vent system for blockages
  • Burners and flame sensors
  • Air filter for cleaning or replacement
  • Heater’s safety controls and start-up cycle
  • Blower to ensure it's intact and clean
  • Belts for damage or cracks
  • Thermostat and calibration
  • Moving parts are adequately lubricated

In most cases, going through this troubleshooting checklist is sufficient to diagnose any issues and resolve them.

We check all the above and more, including filter replacement, during our heater tune-ups. Call today to keep your system running at peak performance.

Your Local Trusted Heating Repair Contractor

If you need quick heating repair, our heating technicians at Canyon Plumbing & Heating is more than happy to help. We aim to get your heating problem solved quickly and efficiently and with minimal disruption to your family, home, and schedule.

Trust us to offer thorough heating repair and troubleshooting services that will get your system running again without breaking the bank.

Call our team at Canyon Plumbing & Heating for fast and reliable heating repair services in Boulder, CO. Dial 720-480-6228!