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Finding the right heating installation and repair company can be challenging, especially in an area as large as Boulder. Fortunately, Canyon Plumbing & Heating has the experience to handle virtually every heating issue that you may run into. Our expert technicians are highly trained and up-to-date on the latest technologies to ensure they complete your job quickly and correctly so you can get back to normal. Contact us at 720-480-6228 the next time you need heating repairs, maintenance, or installation!

We offer the following heating solutions:

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Our Heat Pump Services

As with every appliance, your heat pump may develop trouble working correctly. Whether it doesn’t come on or can’t heat up properly, various issues can lead to these problems. The following are the most common heat pump problems we encounter.

  • Won’t Turn On: If the heat pump doesn’t kick on, check the thermostat to ensure it’s set correctly. If the thermostat looks good, check the breaker and make sure it hasn’t tripped. Lastly, listen to the heat pump for a faint clicking sound, which could mean it has a broken starter capacitor.
  • Not Heating: If your heat pump fails to heat as it should, check and make sure the unit isn’t blocked by snow, ice, leaves, or other debris. Also, check to make sure the air filter is clean. Lastly, if the refrigerant levels are low because of a leak, the heat pump won’t be able to function correctly.
  • Heat Pump Runs Continuously: If the heat pump doesn’t shut off as it’s programmed to, check that the thermostat is set correctly. Also, a broken compressor contractor can be the culprit, and you’ll need a professional to replace it.

Radiant Heating Options

Boulder residents know how cold it gets during winter, and every homeowner needs some form of reliable heat to keep everyone comfortable during those cold months. While most people rely on gas or electricity, you might want to consider a radiant heating system, especially if you’re constructing a new home.

Radiant heat systems deliver heat through the floors or walls, and these systems are recognized as one of the most efficient indoor heat sources available.

  • Electric radiant heating systems use loops of charged cable that generate heat through the floors.
  • Hydronic radiant heating systems are more efficient and cost-effective than electric because they operate off a boiler to circulate hot water through tubing under the flooring.
  • Although radiant heat systems are more expensive to install, many people who use them say they heat more evenly than other methods, providing greater comfort.

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Common Boiler Problems

If you’re experiencing problems with your boiler, our boiler services are the answer. We’ve seen about every boiler issue you can imagine, but here are the most common.

  • Leaking & Dripping: If you notice excess water around the boiler tank or the pipes, it could be that some of the parts have corroded or aging seals that have given way.
  • Tea Kettle Noise: Known as kettling, this happens when the boiler is working harder to provide the hot water you need than it used to. Often, mineral deposits build up on the heat exchanger, which causes this problem.
  • Pilot Light Going Out: If the pilot light continues going out, it usually means that the thermocouple is faulty.
  • Inaccurate Thermostat: As thermostats age, wires become loose, causing malfunctions. Also, sometimes the thermostat hasn’t been correctly set.

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