Boulder Air Cleaners & Purifiers

Breathe easier with air cleaner and purifier solutions from Canyon Plumbing & Heating.

Is sneezing or itching something that happens whenever you are indoors? Microscopic airborne pollutants in your home may be triggering your allergies. Contact our team at Canyon Plumbing & Heating to install a whole-house air filtration system that eliminates such contaminants and optimizes your indoor air quality.

As a leading local air quality company, we have decades of experience providing air cleaner installation services to homes all over Boulder, CO. Aside from eliminating airborne dirt, our air filtration systems can also eradicate odors, smoke, and other irritants.

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Keep Indoor Air Pollution to a Minimum

Indoor air is typically dirtier than outdoor air. The higher number of particulates in indoor air is usually due to:

  • Reduced ventilation.
  • Carbon monoxide emission from gas or wood-burning appliances.
  • Airborne toxins from aerosol products.
  • Bacteria and mold spores spreading from moisture-rich rooms.

Depending on the air cleanliness level you desire, we can install either a whole-house air purifier or cleaner. We recommend air cleaner installation if your priority is eliminating dust and pet dander from your home. If you want a solution that also removes airborne pathogens that cause allergies and sickness, an air purifier is a better investment.

Give our team at Canyon Plumbing & Heating a call to inspect your Boulder home and identify the best air filtration system for your needs and budget.

Types of Air Cleaners

Air filtration systems use different mechanisms to eliminate contaminants. The most effective options are:

  • HEPA filtration: A popular product among homeowners because it removes over 99% of airborne particles. The filter traps every airborne contaminant over 0.3 microns in size, making it a reliable choice for keeping your home healthy.
  • Ionization air purifiers: These are electronic air cleaners that charge airborne contaminants. Electronically charged contaminants become too heavy to float, making them less of a threat and easy to clean.
  • UV filter: UV filters use ultraviolet light to kill bacteria, viruses, and other airborne organisms that cause health issues. They are not very effective for eliminating inorganic pollutants like dust and pet dander.

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Air Cleaner Maintenance

Like every other appliance, air cleaners and purifiers need regular maintenance to keep them efficient and reliable. The required level of maintenance depends on the air filtration system you have installed.

For instance, a whole-house air cleaner needs to have its exterior panels and grills regularly vacuumed to remove dust and other accumulated dirt. Air purification systems need professional servicing at least once every year—twice a year if you have pets or respiratory issues.

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